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After a successful debut in 2019, Futures Forum returns – welcoming live music’s brightest young executives to share their 2020 vision for the future of the industry.

Created and shaped by young professionals, Futures Forum is a one-day discussion and networking event for the next generation of live music industry leaders. It takes place as part of the International Live Music Conference (ILMC) in London, bringing together the people that currently define the business with the emerging stars who are driving its evolution.

Futures Forum 2020 will continue to experiment with non-traditional conference formats, mixing connected discussions with immersive workshops, peer-to-peer networking and TED-style ‘Soapbox’ presentations by thought leaders.

Also returning are the career-boosting mentoring sessions that proved a highlight of Futures Forum 2019. These one-on-one meetings provide a rare opportunity for Futures delegates to meet face to face with some of the most successful figures in live music.

For 2020, these will grow to ten mentors per session, enabling a greater number of delegates to get advice relating to any aspect of their career or business.

To ensure topics and content at Futures Forum are as relevant as possible, the agenda is once again being steered by our Futures Council – made up of some of the most exciting young executives in the industry – alongside affiliated associations, the ILMC agenda team and the IQ editorial team.

If you’re a young working professional looking to build connections, expand your knowledge or contribute to the future of the business, Futures Forum is the most important event on your calendar.

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• Booking agents
• Promoters
• Artist managers
• Venues
• Festivals
• Ticketing pros & tech innovators

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