Meet the 2024 Mentors

All Futures Forum 2024 delegates could get career advice or general tips from some senior figures from the touring and festival worlds.

Alex Bruford

Founder & MD, ATC Live

Angus Baskerville

Director, Pure Represents

Anna Sjölund

Programming Director, Europe, ASM Global

Charly Beedell-Tuck

Agent, Solo Agency

Chris Lipscomb

Managing Director, AXS

Emma Rogerson-Smith

Marketing Director, Music + Sport

Gill Tee

Co-founder, Black Deer Festival

Louise Stewart

Head of Entertainment, Exhibitions & Marketing, P&J Live

Lucy Fenner

Commercial Director, Alexandra Palace

Oliver Hoppe

Managing Director, Wizard Promotions

Olivier Toth

CEO, Rockhal

Ollie Rosenblatt

Managing Director, Senbla

Sarah Slater

VP - Music & Festivals, Ticketmaster

Sean Goulding

Senior Agent, Music Leadership, One Fiinix Live

Sian Egbujie

Strategic Operations Director, AXS