Futures 2020 agenda is LIVE

Now that we’re just over 1 month away from our second edition, it’s time to release the full provisional agenda.

From mental health, ticketing and digital marketing to global touring, closing the generation gap and life after your star act, Futures Forum 2020 is already set to be an unforgettable day of important discussion, debate and networking. Make sure you register now to get involved.

Panel topics include Meet the New Bosses in which four execs outline their trajectories to success, and Mental Health: Next steps for live, for a look at how much more the industry can do to support its workforce. OK, Boomer: Closing the generation gap will see senior and junior execs get together to compare notes, and Global Touring: Stepping up internationally will discuss touring in new markets.

Workshop sessions throughout the day include Ticket of the future, Getting smart about digital marketing, Assertiveness & effectiveness at work and Life after your star act, and to wrap up Futures Forum, we’ll see another VIP put under the spotlight in The Futures Forum Keynote. Details of which will be announced shortly.


Confirmed chairs and speakers include:
Jo Young, Ticketmaster; Lou Champion, Festival Ticketing Expert; Bonita McKinney, Ticketmaster; Karma Bertelsen, Kilimanjaro Live; Kelly Bennaton, DHP Family; Prince Laryea, Shift Coaching; and Stacey Pragnell, ATC Live.

Click here to see the agenda in full.