New Soapbox Sessions

Bite-sized presentations revolving around LatAm, disability diversity, mental health, sponsorship and Ukraine complete the ever-popular Soapbox Sessions.


Bite-sized presentations revolving around LatAm, disability diversity, mental health, sponsorship and Ukraine complete the ever-popular Soapbox Sessions.

Artist manager Emma Wiggin will talk about her experiences of being a disabled executive in an industry full of barriers, while psychotherapist Jodi Milstein will take delegates through a brief breathing-mindfulness exercise to manage stress.

Move Concerts’ Melanie Eselevsky will share how LatAm had its biggest-ever year against all odds, CAA’s Dan Rais will make a case for the increasing importance of brand partnerships and Ukranian exec Vladyslav Yaremchuk will discuss the role of the live music industry in a warzone.