Workshop: Addressing Sexual Harassment & Assault At Live Events

Mar 8, 2019


Room 4


Having managed AIF’s ‘Safer Spaces at Festivals’ campaign in 2017, which has seen more than 60 festivals commit to a zero tolerance policy and special measures for tackling sexual harassment and assault at their events, Renae Brown joins us to share her top tips for addressing sexual harassment and assault at live events.

Now at Vision Nine, Renae will draw on policies and practices put in place at their flagship festivals Boardmasters and NASS, to advise on how any festival or venue, large or small, can tackle this issue and safeguard their audiences. Renae is joined by Tracey Wise, founder of Safe Gigs For Women, to talk about their important work at live events.

  • Renae Brown

    Vision Nine

  • Tracey Wise

    Safe Gigs for Women

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