Panel: Beyond Touring: Full-stack futures

Mar 8, 2019


Room 3


Live music revenues are at an all-time high but that hasn’t stopped artists and their ever-industrious teams from looking beyond traditional revenue streams to grow their share of the pie. Whether it’s major agencies offering full-service deals encompassing branding, TV, film, fashion and more, or artists and events striking deals for VR and live-streaming rights to their shows, what new income opportunities are emerging? How will creators and their teams be building careers and incomes over the next few years, and how can the industry further maximise the value of its creators?


Rhian Jones, Freelance Journalist

Guest speakers
Chris Hassell, Ralph Creative
Gary Cohen, ATC Live / ATC Management
Jules O’Riordan, Judge Jules
Steven Hancock, Melody VR

  • Chris Hassell

    Ralph Creative

  • Gary Cohen

    ATC Live / ATC Management

  • Jules O’Riordan

    Judge Jules

  • Rhian Jones


  • Steven Hancock

    Melody VR

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