Room Two

1 hour


TikTok has proven to be a treasure trove of talent with burgeoning artists ripe for the picking. But the last 12 months have seen instances of TikTok stars being booked for festivals and concerts soon after a viral moment, only to have their performances heavily critiqued.

So how can we ensure that these newcomers are sufficiently polished to play live before catapulting them from the internet to the stage? And who is responsible for developing and preparing them for unfiltered performances and unforgiving audiences? This session brings together agents, promoters and managers who have struck a balance between capitalising on vitality and cultivating longevity.

  • Emma Davis

    One Fiinix Live (UK)

  • Nastassja Roberts

    DreamHaus (DE)

  • Nikoline Skaarup

    Down The Drain (DK)

  • Ross Patel

    Whole Entertainment (UK)

  • Sammy Andrews

    Deviate Digital (UK)