Mar 6, 2020


Room 1

1 hour

One of last year’s most popular sessions, Meet the New Bosses 2020 sees a quartet of emerging execs kicking off the day with a discussion of their journey to the top, and the skills needed to succeed in the modern live industry. Is there still a future for the indies? How easy is it to move from one sector of the business to another? How will the industry evolve in the decade ahead, and how can you stay ahead of those changes? Audience participation is strongly encouraged.

  • Charly Beedell-Tuck

    Solo Agency

  • Jo Young

    Ticketmaster UK

  • Karolina Hansen

    Live Nation Sweden

  • Marc Saunders

    The O2

  • Matt Pickering-Copley

    Primary Talent

  • Melanie Eselevsky

    Move Concerts

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