Mar 6, 2020


Room 1

1 hour

Mental wellness is now a central topic of discussion within the business, as both institutions and individuals begin to put their mental health first. But how can the industry continue to build on this momentum? And as many agents, promoters, managers and crew continue to work around the clock to deliver, is the 24/7 working culture being properly addressed? When considering the safety nets, services and spaces for those in need, the support network that’s needed is still in its infancy. An invited panel of guests consider the next best steps to safeguard our workforce…

  • Adam Ficek

    Music & Mind

  • Matt Hanner

    ATC Live

  • Joe Hastings

    Help Musicians UK

  • Richard Mutimer

    Paradigm Agency

  • Sara Maria Kordek

    Good Taste Production

  • Sarah Joy

    ATC Live

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