Room One

1 hour


From Amapiano to Phonk, Reggaeton to Sertaneja, this panel explores the sounds that are set to break out in 2023? Latin music stole the spotlight in 2022 after topping both charts and box offices worldwide so what genres are set to follow in its footsteps?

Bringing together an essential compilation of the music styles set to dominate 2023, a raft of industry young executives give their hottest tips on what to look for, and the artists to keep an eye on. Comparing notes on ticket sales, streaming numbers and old-fashioned word of mouth, guest speakers determine the hottest ticket in town with participation from the whole room strongly encouraged.

  • Chris Beltran

    DF Concerts (UK)

  • Cils Williams

    ATC Live (UK)

  • Jess Kinn

    One Fiinix Live (UK)

  • Vegard Storaas

    Live Nation Norway

  • Lizzie Ford

    CAA (UK)