Mar 6, 2020


Room 1

1 hour

Building on Futures Forum’s mission ­– to bring together the people who define the business today with those driving its evolution – this new-for-2020 session pairs up senior execs from leading concert businesses with their more junior counterparts to compare experiences and ways of working. With more young people than ever choosing to forge a career in live music, what can they learn from the industry’s leaders, and vice versa? Expect frank discussion and plenty of practical advice from either side of the generation gap with leading lights from the international touring and agency worlds.

  • Jen Hammel


  • Joe Schiavon

    Live Nation UK

  • Jon Chapple

    IQ Magazine

  • Kevin Jergenson

    ICM Partners

  • Maria May


  • Phil Bowdery

    Live Nation

  • Scott Mantell

    ICM Partners

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