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With a multitude of topics to squeeze into a single day of Futures Forum, we’re keeping things brief with four 15-minute presentations by innovators, thought leaders and inspiring individuals.


11:30–11:45: Rethinking sponsorship: Brand partnerships as a solution to touring costs
As production costs skyrocket, could brand partnerships play an increasingly important role in getting tours off the ground? CAA’s Dan Rais puts forward a case for an always-on partnerships strategy during this session. The music brand partnerships agent will outline the growing importance of brand partnerships in the mix of an artist’s career and give tips on how to ensure collaborative campaigns are as authentic as possible. Rais will explore interesting examples of international partnerships and discuss models that have helped financially bolster artists, not just when they’re on the road, but as part of the overall career strategy.


11:45–12:00: Mental Health Moment: RockStarTherapy’s de-stressing strategies
Psychotherapist Jodi Milstein (RockStarTherapy, Music Industry Therapist Collective) will share ideas and strategies to help live music execs improve their mental health by finding balance through self-care. During the session, Milstein will explore what causes stress for those who work in music, what can be done to ease stress, the importance of a self-care “maintenance plan” and the five pillars for living a balanced life. She will also take attendees of the panel through a brief breathing-mindfulness exercise. With 15 years in the music business and 20 years as a therapist, Milstein will equip delegates with some vital tools for coping with stress.


12:00–12:15: Grassroots Music Venues: The Heart of Culture & Community
Clara Cullen and Bev Whitrick from UK charity Music Venue Trust will talk about the importance of Grassroots Music Venues (GMV) and their place in the music industry ecosystem. Every GMV has a local, national and international relevance, even though many of them may be completely unaware of this themselves. A lot of their focus is on the venue’s role in their local community ecosystem, and MVT is keen to highlight the cultural, social and economic contribution that GMVs make. They also, of course, support talent development – artists and the many unseen roles within the industry. We will touch on the importance of mentoring and supporting young talent, on stage, backstage, and in all of the industry support services.


12:15–12:30: Disability Diversity: How your workplace culture will benefit
Emma Wiggin, artist manager and Beyond The Music’s ‘Future Leader’ will talk about her experiences of being a disabled executive in an industry full of barriers. Emma will look at the fear and stigma around employing disabled people and how she has challenged those attitudes with the way she works today. She will discuss the benefits of a diverse workforce and share tips on how we can achieve this.

  • Bev Whitrick

    Music Venue Trust (UK)

  • Clara Cullen

    Music Venue Trust (UK)

  • Dan Rais

    CAA (UK)

  • Emma Wiggin

    Westwick Management (UK)

  • Jodi Milstein

    RockStarTherapy (US)