Room One

1 hour


Just as self-employment is a fast-rising trend amongst millennials and Gen-Z’ers, the live sector is seeing a wealth of start-ups and new companies launching. Rather than join established outfits, many young execs are choosing to strike out alone and be their own boss, be that across agency, promotion, marketing and more.

So what’s motivating this new breed of entrepreneurs, and how might their values, attitudes and expectations disrupt the traditional models of the live music business? Seasoned entrepreneur Caroline Reason invites a lineup of next-generation business leaders to discuss alternative business models, new ways of working
and the benefits of forging their own path.

  • Caroline Reason

    MATA Agency (UK)

  • Louise Broni-Mensah

    Shoobs (UK)

  • Mira Silvers

    FORT Agency (US/CA)

  • Paul Bonham

    Music Manager Forum (UK)

  • Will Holdoway

    Method Events (UK)