Nikoline Skaarup

Promoter, Down The Drain (DK)

Nikoline Skaarup is a promoter at Denmark’s DTD Group which produces and conducts some of the biggest festivals in Denmark (NorthSide and Tinderbox) as well as a range of concerts all year round with DTD Concerts. 

Based in Copenhagen, Nikoline started out in the marketing department in 2019 before changing lanes to become Promoter Assistant to Head Promoter Mads Sørensen in 2021. During this period, she’s worked on shows with acts like Tame Impala, Masego, Iggy Pop and Sigur Rós, and started booking acts on her own for the 2022 festival-lineups.

Since the summer of 2022, she’s been working full-time as a promoter for both festivals where she’s mainly focusing on booking new talent.

Before joining DTD Group, Nikoline has worked with music journalism and a music/hiphop-based non-profit organization, as well as she’s overseen all music-related content and projects at the international impact agency Girls Are Awesome. 

Nikoline is 28 years old and has a BA in Philosophy and Communications from the University of Roskilde.