Ross Patel

Co-Founder & CEO, Whole Entertainment (UK)

Ross Patel is a Founder, CEO & Consulting Advisor with 10+ years of diverse experience in music, media, entertainment, climate action & tech.

Co-Founder and CEO of Whole Entertainment Ross diversified the company into a full-suite talent management and consulting agency supporting a roster of creatives with world-class management, business and label services. Ross is committed to making the company climate positive by developing low impact practices, implementing company initiatives and funding carbon off-set projects. Working with clients, Ross has built and launched a number of projects where proceeds are donated to charity or fund environmental projects.

As EVP Partnerships at UMA Entertainment Group, Chaired by Harvey Goldsmith, whose projects include EarthAid and HERO The App, Ross is consistently at the forefront of contemporary eco-awareness and is inspired to drive teams towards new ways of thinking and acting, reliably raising important and difficult questions. “Why choose between prioritising ‘good business’ or ‘doing good’ when you can do both”. The curation of the UMA x COP26 event which featured Aurora, Nick Mulvey, Kumi Niadoo, Poppy Cooks and many more in Glasgow 2021 is a good example of this.

Having previously Co-Founded and held the position of Operations Director at London based creative marketing agency, Sweetshop Media, whose clients include Napster, Nokia, Ellesse, GoTickety, Aphetor and Sam Branson among others, Ross demonstrates an expansive and diverse portfolio that spans digital media, culture and entertainment.

Now at the intersection of music, media, tech and climate action his professional ambition is rooted in spearheading a new-age movement aimed at fusing the power of culture, low carbon, low impact and commercial business into a harmonious beacon of sustainable lifestyles.

Ross sits on the board of the MMF (Music Managers Forum) which is the world’s largest membership of music managers with a total of 1200+ and represents the organisation on a number of industry climate steering committees.

Ross fosters a unique perspective on culture with a deep understanding of the nuances of various aspects of management from talent to venue, event, production and operations.