Steve Tilley

Director & Concert Promoter, Kilimanjaro Live (UK)

Steve Tilley is a concert promoter and director at Kilimanjaro Group based in London, a group of companies active in the staging, promotion and ticketing of live events including outdoor festivals, indoor touring, theatre, spoken word, comedy and more. An ex journalist, DJ and musician, Steve started as a regional promoter/venue owner in Stoke-on-Trent before moving to London in 2008 and joining Stuart Galbraith’s fledgling Kilimanjaro Live where he further built his name and reputation working with a hugely diverse range of talent stretching across the spectrum of music and spoken word/comedy. Recently he helped launch new Irish promotions company Singular Artists as well as further expand Kilimanjaro with a joint venture with new rising promoters ‘Form presents.’ Steve is still obsessed with new music and supporting the Grassroots music network. In his spare time he plays tennis and football weekly, runs the Parkrun every Saturday if possible and is a life long supporter of NUFC.